The Landscape Design Process for Residential Planning

Jurgens Designed Landscapes is one the few firms in New Jersey that can produce personalized computer images of proposed landscape changes from original photographs. Rather than sending information to another company for processing, Rich Jurgens personally creates the simulation during the design conception stage. These are often important in formulating the design solutions and then conveying those thoughts and ideas.

Did you know that the cost of your landscape design time could pay for itself? Over the years I have encountered projects where early planning could have reduced both construction costs and maintenance costs by doing it correctly the first time. For example, proper plant selection and mature height considerations will effect maintenance costs. Selected plants will grow faster for screening and groundcover spread improves through proper soil modification. The reuse of existing plants is an option. Mistakes in driveway sizing and location, drainage problems all can be costly. Down the road, design can improve selling potential of your property enhancing public viewing from the front and establishing separation of private entertainment and play areas.

After our discussions of the site design of your property, this outline lists the 10 steps of design time assuming we receive a copy of your property survey. Phase one involves completing a base plan from the property survey, photographing the site from various angles, general site analysis and the discussion of possible solutions. In phase II, the goal of a good design is to produce a functional solution with beauty relating to the approach your property and home, surrounding vistas and highlights, relaxation and entertainment areas as well as the scenes from doors and windows. Effective enjoyment of your landscape should occur throughout all the seasons for both day and evening activities. Here is an outline of the 10 step process used to achieve your landscaping goals:

Preliminary design Phase I

  1. Initial interview to discuss your objectives; obtain property survey - noting house and property lines.
  2. On-site property photography and site evaluation study.
  3. Plot your house and lot dimensions on new base plan.
  4. General concept formation; layout on base plan.
  5. Construct 2 computer simulations from photographs depicting design direction.
  6. On-site concept review discussion with illustrations of similar projects.    

Measured design Phase II

  1. Measure, size and position of major size elements.
  2. Locate these site elements on computer base plan.
  3. Design details of landscape changes and plot on plan.
  4. Describe planting additions and changes identifying plant selection.
  5. Conference to discuss proposed changes.

At the conclusion of this phase, a construction cost outline an be prepared for the first developmental stages.

Computer Image Picture Gallery - Please continue to see examples of our computer image designing on what your project will most likely look like after completion.  This helps you to get a futuristic look at your project before a shovel is picked up.