Jurgens Designed Landscapes
H. Richard Jurgens
Professional Site Architect
BS degree in Landscape Architecture, Rutgers University 1971



The means for achieving a landscape for living

Welcome to the Jurgens Landscape Developer Company!

Since childhood I have enjoyed the natural world and the techniques of modifying the land to become a special experience for those people and animals who encounter it. Landscape architecture is a broad "field" ranging from the personal place of a home property, to street layouts in new subdivisions, to promenade design as need in lower Manhattan and Baltimore, to the parks as designed by the first landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted in New York City's central park, and even larger more regional planning.

I have chosen to work with the home garden and property layouts. I started my business in 1981 as a combination landscape design and construction company. While I develop cost proposals for my projects if they are not done on a time basis, the work I do is almost exclusively my own as I choose not to contract for other designer's work. I also elected to concentrate on the landscape development and therefore my company does not cut grass.

Upon graduation from the landscape architecture program at Rutgers University in 1971, I work as designer with the Summit, New Jersey firm of Corradi Landscape Associates. Corradi Landscape Associates started in 1921 to offer landscape construction services (at first with horse drawn carts). I remained with the company until 1980 when the son Jim Corradi moved to California. In that time I designed and supervised numerous design projects including the 1976 Mansion in May endeavor in Madison, New Jersey winning the Governor's Trophy for my garden at the New Jersey Flower Garden Show in Morristown. Later, I then became a judge there for many years.

I have worked in Lawrenceville, Long Island for about a year before deciding to start up a business of my own. Besides planning around homes, one of my design challenges was to convert sections of the Merek manufacturing campus in Rahway to a park setting. Considering the steam pipes and parking needs, it was quiet a challenge. I have also worked on sites near Lake Champlain, NY and Pennsylvania.

Rich Jurgens