Construction is when the actual plan comes alive.  The work force will arrive to your house.  The work force of Jurgens Landscape includes:

                          2 Tractors (1 Backhoe, 1 Grader)

                          1 Dump Truck/Trailer

                          1 Pickup Truck

                          Multiple rotor tillers/wheel barrows

                          Hundreds of misc. tools


Many materials will be brought in to complete the project. These materials could be rocks, stone, soil, plants, trees, woodchips, concrete or grass seed.  


At first, it might look like a landscape nightmare, but as the project comes to an end, the green will come out.


Construction happens in stages.  First, the front of your house could be done. Then we will move to the back yard and then to the sides of the house.


As the project continues along, we will keep meeting you with any problems or corrections you would like to do to your landscape plan.  For example, a tree should be switch because the tree doesn't look good there.


When everything is all done, you can sit back and enjoy your new landscaped area.