Jurgens Designed Landscapes
H. Richard Jurgens
Professional Site Architect
BS degree in Landscape Architecture, Rutgers University 1971

Highlights of our specialty

    Trees, Shrubs, bushes and gardens
    Exterior light/lighting (nightscaping)
    Deck and Patio Scaping
    Water Falls and Ponds
    Driveway and Walk-wayscaping
    Retaining walls
    Flower beds
    Grading and Soil Preparations
    Flower beds and bulbs
    Privatizing the property area
    Drainage control
    Commercial properties
    Patio installation
   Make a useless area, useful to you

Jurgens Landscape three different phases of landscape services.

1. Landscape computer design - With all factors leveled out, a plan can be put together to get an aerial look of the property or area of interest.   Designs can be manipulated many times to meet satisfaction to your needs.

2. Landscape photo design - After our meeting and a preliminary design, we will take pictures of your property.  Those pictures will be manipulated by inserting shrubs, walks, changing colors, etc. to make a 2d picture of what the project will look like after its completion.

3. Actual construction - After all design imperfections and problems are worked out, we will begin our construction.  Construction phases include marking out the property and carrying out the project.  Final stages of construction  makes the beauty come out.

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Computer Designed Landscaping

Landscape Construction